We believe every animal deserves a chance.

Bark Brew Coffee Co was brewed into existence with a purpose; to do our part to help support rescue initiatives and to give back to our four legged friends that bring us so much love and joy.

Approximately 3.9 million dogs are surrendered to our crowded shelters every year in America . Unfortunately, for about 70% of those helpless animals this is the last home they will ever know. We believe that with the combination of our sincere desire to help these animals and your support, we can be the strength in numbers, and the voice that our four legged friends need us to be. We CAN make an impact.

With every purchase you make from Bark Brew Coffee Co. you are receiving Gourmet, Fair Trade Certified, Organic Coffee sourced from the best beans available. Our coffee is small batch roasted for superior taste and packaged here in the U.S.A.

With 10% of all profits from Bark Brew Coffee Co. going straight to the front lines of helping these animals, you can feel great about your purchase with us. So, grab your pup and your favorite cup of Bark Brew and know that your purchase helped saved a rescue

“ Every brew helps save a rescue ”







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